How thick should I apply my conformal coating?

A regular question asked in conformal coating is how thick should the coating film be?

Well, the simple answer is thick enough so the conformal coating works and protects the circuit board.

But not too thick as this can cause problems for the circuit board in the long term.

After all, the performance of the conformal coating is dependent on the thickness applied.

But, it is possible to quantify this a little more.

What standards should I use for my conformal coating?

There are many international, national and internal company standards for conformal coating processing and inspection.

The role of the standard is to give a guideline for process control and ultimately reliability of the circuit board.

The International inspection standards for conformal coatings used by the majority of companies are the IPC A 610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies or the IPC –HDBK-830 Conformal Coating Handbook.

The first gives some minor references that help for specifying acceptance criteria.

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