Trial Engineering Runs (E-Runs)

Thin Film Partners and its large team of affiliates sets the standard when it comes to offering you more.

  • We are not bound by a single coating chemistry- we have hundreds
  • We provide all platforms – ALD, CVD, plasma, PVD, spray, dip, etc.
  • We partner with you to find the best solution
  • We back up our suggestions with input from the leading scientists and coating authorities in each domain – whatever your application or challenge

To zero in on what might work best, and before you engage in any qualification, we offer an Engineering Run, an “E-run”, whereby you select a trial based upon a selection of options presented by our coating specialists. E-runs are smaller than production-quantity work and are primarily designed to validate a coating material, a process, even a proposed thickness.

To engage an E-run, or receive a technical consultation, you simply contact us or complete and submit the online forms available appropriate links on our website. Turnaround time for an E-run trial is typically 7-10 days, but may occasionally take as little as 2-3.

An E-run is important in many ways. You have the advantage of trying various coatings prior to making a final selection. If your parts don’t have a particular spec, an E-run can help in determining proper film thickness or achieving good adhesion. Some coatings are costlier than others. Often, there are other more economical solutions that function just as well for your specific application.

“Ideally, a service provider should offer a selection of coating options and materials, and a team of scientists and engineers to guide in that choice”

Simply complete this questionnaire for an e-run trial quote. We have the right solution for you. 


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