Save on Coating Costs

In addition, we will also complete a full price review if you currently utilizing conformal coating for your products. This will help you know the best price you could be getting, and if the solution that you are currently utilizing is in fact the correct solution for you.

Price Review

Conformal coating is not cheap…often times it is very far from it. Understanding the entire process and the factors that most-directly affect the cost-price model is one area where Thin Film Partners can offer valuable guidance. We are often able to substantially reduce your monthly budget for coating.

Of course, the easiest way to save is to conduct you own coating operation, in either of the two models above. However, if you opt to continue with the Outsourcing Service Model, let Thin Film save you money.

Send us a sample part, sometimes a drawing will suffice, and Thin Film Partners will re-evaluate all the cost elements. Our selected service providers and vendor/contributors are also members of Thin Film Partners. They are highly skilled and often much more competitive in the world of conformal coatings – particularly where it in-volves parylene or resin-based spray chemistries (acrylic, epoxy, urethanes, silicone, etc.).

We understand the costing models typically employed in establishing the price for virtually all types of confor-mal coating projects. We have experts with years of experience; several are renowned Engineers and Scientists in their respective field. We can duplicate your current coating process or suggest a new one. The result is – we save you money, often $1000’s per month.

Contact us for additional information. We can help ensure that you are getting the best price for all of your conformal coating needs!