Standard system

Parylene vertical coating system

Vertical parylene coating system from Thin film Partners

Our standard Parylene vertical coating system offers users a range of standard feature and options that will meet all needs.

The standard Parylene system provides a practical set up developed from years of experience.

These systems are currently being used in our coating services and have been proven to be highly cost-effective at producing quality Parylene coating. 

Parylene vertical coating system technical specification

Machine Parameters

  • Chamber configuration: Standard chamber is electro-polished stainless steel.
  • Optional Configuration: Aluminum is available upon request
  • Nominal Chamber Size: 20” dia. x 30” H (51 cm diameter, 76.25 cm H)
  • Effective/Usable Space: 17.5” dia. x 28.5” H (44.5 cm diameter, 72.4 cm H)
  • Chamber entry port is tangential.
  • Other sizes are available upon request.

Note: The chamber is not coated in standard configuration as it is constructed of electro-polished stainless steel. A micro-soap is utilized to prevent adhesion of Parylene to the chamber surfaces.

This model is of reduced maintenance design, capable of multiple runs before requiring maintenance service.

Generally the unit is capable of about 8 cycles / loads or approximately 8 mils (206 microns) of deposition based on average product loading before service is required; this number will vary based upon load and thickness desired.

Pyrolysis tube
  • Quartz material.
  • Standard size is 3” x 56” with 550-575 gram dimer capacity.
  • Mechanical Refrigerated Cold Trap System (4 liter, -90°C),
  • Exchangeable 304 / 316 Stainless Steel insert
  • Reduced maintenance configuration.
Vacuum pump
  • Standard configuration is a Tuthill / Kinney model KTC21
  • This is a two stage rotary piston pump (an equivalent model may be utilized/substituted in lieu of)
  • Optional pumps and motors are available.
  • Polished 304 Stainless Steel, Semi-Arc Full Height Baffles are standard.
  • Additional options are available.
  • Options vary with chamber size and configuration.
Vapor Phase Silane (VPS)
  • VPS is a standard built-in feature for silane adhesion promotion.
  • Additionally the VPS system is of quick change out design allowing for fast turn around and online or off-line maintenance flexibility.

Electrical parameters

Electrical controls
  • The standard configuration is semi-automated operation.
  • Manual operation assistance is required for Vapor Phase Silane (VPS) and during the initial Parylene deposition stage, though on a very limited basis.
  • the unit is available in an automated version that is controlled by a PLC in optional configuration.
  • The fully automated system is a Start / Stop single operation process.
Electrical configuration

The Parylene system is available in the following electrical configurations:

Standard Configuration:

  • 3 phase 120/208

Note: Due to the increased amperage requirements of the system for single-phase design, it is highly recommended that the system be procured in a 3 phase design when/where possible.

Optional Configurations
  • Single phase 200 Vac
  • Single phase 208-240 Vac (220)
  • 2-phase 100-125/200-240
  • 3-phase 200-240/360-415 Vac (220/380)
  • 3-phase 200-240/460-480 Vac
  • Additional options may be available upon request.

The unit can be offered with a True Online Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or a voltage converting/phase converting UPS system.

Interchangeable chambers

  • Standard configuration allows for chamber exchange.
  • Other chamber options can be swapped with like size chambers, and some models, including the standard configuration allow for swapping of various/multiple chamber sizes.
  • Additional Chambers can be ordered with any system. (Please call for model specific options)

Additional chambers

  • Larger chamber sizes are available upon request up to 30” dia. x 30” H
  • Some larger chambers require a Base Plate Upgrade.
  • Smaller chambers are available as options.
  • Standard Configuration supports chamber sizes down to 18”diameter x 18” H.
  • Other sizes may be available upon request.
  • Pricing: On request.

System parameters

  • Combined System Foot Print: 31” L x 96” W x 58.5” H (80 cm L, 244 cm W, 149 cm H)
  • Combined System Weight: 985 lbs. (447.8 kg)
  • [Note: Weight is dependent upon configuration.]

Minimum and recommended clearances

  • Rear spacing: 12” minimum / 36” recommended
  • Left side spacing: 0” minimum / 18” recommended
  • Right side spacing: 0” minimum / 18” recommended
  • Front spacing: 36” minimum / ≥ 36” recommended


  • Shipping dimensions (crated / palletized): 42” L x 106” W x 66” H ( 107 cm L, 270 cm W, 168 cm H)
  • Shipping weight: ~1230 lbs. (559.1 kg)


  • Standard service kit
  • Available for O-rings etc., and additional kits or items can be supplied as needed/required.

Chamber extensions & collars

  • Chamber extensions are available.
  • Extension options vary with configuration/models.
  • Please call for model specific options.

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Parylene vertical coating system technical specification



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