Conformal coatings

Range of Services

Thin Film Partners LLC offer complete solutions for various types of liquid conformal coatings.

Our services include:

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Global coating services 

We can conformal coat your boards through our different coating services positioned globally.

We have access to the full range of conformal coatings from all global suppliers so that we can meet almost all needs in most industries. We also havethe different production application methods and the skilled staff to apply the conformal coating for you. 

As a company we are able to provide the expertise to ensure that the services you receive for coating your product is of the highest quality without compromising the cost. 

Ultimately, we make money if we conformal coat your circuits correctly for the right price. That's our goal. Give us a try.

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Equipment and systems

We can sell you the specialist equipment required for applying the conformal coatings.

If you must process in house then we can help you do this. Let us help develop the process, materials and equipment and ensure you have a smooth process in house from the start.

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Conformal coating materials

We have a full range of conformal coatings available through Thin Film Partners inlcuding acrylic, polyurethane, silicone and epoxy formulations.

Our conformal coatings are being applied to many different products. They are tried and tested and solve many peoples problems.

This gives us confidence that we can find you the right material for your solutions.  

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Conformal coating masking materials

Masking boots, tapes and dots are essential for processing conformal coatings that do not selectively coat the surface of a component or circuit.

At Thin Film we have a full range of masking materials including masking tapes, dots and boots specifically designed for the conformal coating application process.

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Custom formulations

We can develop new formulations to suit your needs.

We have the expert chemists in our team to tailor the coating material to develop the right conformal coating for your product.

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Process evaluation, development and training

We can evaluate your process and give you a complete feedback.

With Thin Film as a partner we can develop a solution for you together and then train you to use it.

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Turn key solutions

We provide turn key solutions for both coating services and in house processing.

The decision then can be made on which solution is suitable for you.

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