UV cure fluoropolymer nano coating

UVX fluoropolymer nano coating is used on smart phone screens, tablets and computers

UVX is a ultraviolet light (UV) curable nano coating that displays exceptional hardness, heat and chemical resistance, and repels moisture and grease due its hydrophobic action.

It has been used on many substrates including glass, metal and plastics that rely on both its hydrophobic nature (>110° in water) and hardness.

This means it works exceptionally well for screens that require finger print and anti-smudge protection such as smart phones, tablets, monitors, screens and other forms of telecommunications.

Performance properties of UVX

  • Used on all substrates (glass, metal, plastic).
  • UV-curable, also heat or air-dry.
  • High impact resistance
  • Hydrophobic and water repellent (>110° in water)
  • High resistance to heat and chemicals
  • Compatible with markers and pigments
  • Optimized properties at 25um
  • Can be applied to monitors and screens, electronics,  photoresists, aircraft, automotive surfaces
  • Transparent, with low refractive index
  • Coating can be modified for increased hardness, scratch resistance, and/or adhesion strength to multiple substrates


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Why use UV cure fluoropolymer coatings?

UVX is a UV cure fluoropolymer nano coating from Thin Film Partners

The UV cure process ensures excellent hardness, adhesion and cure properties of the coating almost immediately.

This ensures fast processing for high volume products like tablets, mobile phones and other consumable products.

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Application of UV cure fluoropolymers

The UVX coating is very flexible to apply.

  • Delivery platforms can be spray or dip
  • Inexpensive application methods
  • Suitable for roll to roll deposition
  • Air cure or low-temperature cure
  • Can be optimized for large surface area
  • Fast, easy…less need for specialized equipment

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Custom formulations

We can develop new fluoropolymer nano coating formulations to suit your needs.

We have the expert chemists in our team to tailor the coating material to develop the right fluoropolymer for your product.

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