Ultra-thin fluoropolymer nano-coating

OPX ultra-thin nano coating with superhydrophobic properties

OPX is a a very robust and abrasion resistant, high performance PFPE coating, blended with polysilane, that provides extremely good hydrophobic properties even at ultra-thin thicknesses combined with excellent adhesion.

The OPX coating is a long-lasting thin film that chemically bonds to almost any surface (silica, quartz, glass, metal and most plastics).

This make it extremely durable and ideal for screens on mobile phones, computers and tablets.

Performance properties of OPX

  • Refractive Index 1.3
  • Contact angle (water) >110°
  • Contact angle (mineral oil) >70°
  • Withstands 5000+ rubs with steel wool.
  • Anti-scratching and anti-smudging properties makes OPX an ideal solution for coating: touch-panel displays, cell phones, LCD, optical lenses and electronic boards
  • Maintains contact angle after abrasion and exposure to IPA, acetone, others.
  • Transparent film
  • Protective coatings for electronic components – ALL of them. Protection for internal pcb, coatings for external case, sub-micron abrasion-resistant coatings for glass display
  • Applied as dip or spray in sub-micron layer – as thin as 20 nanometers


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Why use OPX fluoropolymer coating

The anti-scratching and anti-smudging properties of OPX make it an ideal solution for coating touch-panel displays, cell phones, LCD, optical lenses and electronic boards.

The hydrophobic film rejects fingerprints and other light oils and greases, allowing the screens to be extremely clear and clean for longer.

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Application of the OPX fluoropolymer coating

OPX fluoropolymer nano coating can be applied by dip and spray

The OPX coating is very flexible in its application.

  • Delivery platforms can be spray or dip
  • Inexpensive application methods
  • Suitable for roll to roll deposition
  • Air cure or low-temperature cure
  • Can be optimized for large surface area
  • Fast, easy…less need for specialized equipment

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Custom formulations

We can develop new formulations to suit your needs.

We have the expert chemists in our team to tailor the coating material to develop the right fluoropolymer for your product.

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