The problems of masking and de-masking Parylene on a circuit board assembly compared to traditional liquid conformal coating

There are several reasons why Parylene conformal coating has a more difficult masking and de-masking process compared to normal liquid conformal coatings.

These reasons include:

  1. Vapor penetration. With Parylene you are masking to protect against a gas rather than a liquid. This is more challenging. So you need to provide a much better masking barrier compared to the liquid coatings.
  2. Parylene coating is immersion coating. Most conformal coatings are liquids that are sprayed. There is a finite amount of coating. The capillary effects are less compared to Parylene that has an almost unlimited supply of material to penetrate.
  3. Removing Parylene is hard when mistakes are made. It is much harder to remove unwanted Parylene material on components that should not have been coated. Parylene is chemically inert and has no UV trace.
  4. The Parylene can potentially bond stronger to the masking materials than liquid coatings. It can more effort and care to remove the masking materials without damaging the board or the Parylene coating integrity.

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