How do I brush coat my conformal coating?

The application of conformal coating using a brush to apply the material to the circuit board is a common practice.

This can be done as a complete production process or as a finishing task before final inspection.

The technique involves the conformal coating being applied selectively by the operator according to the requirements of the circuit board.

Areas not to be coated are avoided by the technician.

Note that the process control and finish is completely operator dependent.

What is the correct technique for applying the conformal coating with a brush?

The correct technique for applying conformal coating by brush is to flow the coating onto the circuit board.

The coating should be loaded on to the brush and flowed onto the circuit.

The material should not be brushed on to the circuit like paint would be where it is worked into the board.

Using this method could create problems with the finish and damage the protection properties of the material.

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